This Competition is open to the Public event if you feel you can cook this is your time to show up .  
 1st Annual 
VFW Post 3396
BBQ Challenge

This Competition is open to the Public event if you feel you can cook this is your time to show up . 

Non-Sanctioned Event 
Saturday, May 22, 2021 7:00am-6:00pm
Cabela’s Reno 8560 Boomtown Garson Road Verdi, Nv 89439
Entry Fee $ 200.00 10x15 Space
Contact Info Davis Sousa 775-544-8786 or Kevin Mcfarland 775-351-7236

  1. 1st Place $1500 
  2. 2nd Place $ 500 
  3. 3rd Place $200
  • 1st Place $ 500
  • 2nd Place $ 250
  • 3rd Place $100
(Based on 30 entries Prize pot will go up if more than 30)
Bring own Ribs and Tri-Tip (meat not included in Entry Fee)
Opportunity for cooks to purchase 2 racks of ribs for $25.00 

  • Meat Inspection 8:00am
  • Cooks Meeting 9:00am 
  • Turn in Time 3:00pm
  • Awards 4:00pm
Make checks payable to VFW Silver State Post 3396 Mail to 730 4th St, Sparks, NV 89432 or
Register at Eventbrite.com Armed Forces BBQ Challenge.

Participating Cook Team Information:
The BBQ Competition will utilize blind judging. Entries will be given a ticket upon turn in, boxes will be provided by the BBQ Officials Kevin or David. Each contestant must submit at least eight (8) portions of meat in an approved box given by the officials. Ribs shall be turned in bone-in. Judges may not cut, slice, or shake apart to separate pieces. There should be enough for six judges. If there is not enough meat for each judge to sample, the shorted judge(s) will score a one. Judges may not (FRANTIZE) with teams on turn-in day until conclusion of judging.

(Garnish is optional) If used, it is limited to chopped, sliced, shredded or whole leaves of fresh green lettuce, or parsley ONLY. Any other vegetation is prohibited. Improper garnish shall receive a score of one (1) on Presentation.

Sauce is optional: If used, it shall be applied directly to the meat and not be pooled or puddled in the container. No side of sauce containers will be permitted in the turn-in container. Sauce violations shall receive a score of one (1) on Meat Appearance.

Fires: shall be of wood, wood pellets, charcoal, or propane gas only. No open pits or holes are permitted. Fires shall not be built on the ground.

Entries: will be submitted in a provided box given by the officials; the box shall not be marked in any way to make the container unique or identifiable. ANY foreign material or stuffing in the container is prohibited. Marked entries or containers with foreign material will receive a one (1) in all criteria from all Judges.

Each judge will first score all the samples for appearance of the meat. The turn-in containers will then be passed around the table and each judge will remove a sample from each of the containers in the appropriate box on the judging plate. Judges shall not lick their fingers while taking these samples; paper towels, non-scented wipes or damp wash cloths are preferred. The judge will then score each entry for Appearance, Taste, and Tenderness, before moving on to the next entry.

Criteria: Judges will award points based in each of the 4 criteria categories for the point system. Presentation, Meat Appearance, Tenderness and Taste

The scoring system is from 1 to 5, based upon points awarded. Points will be awarded as follows:
  • Excellent- 5 points
  • Very Good- 4 points
  • Above Average- 3 points
  • Average- 2 points
  • Bad/Inedible/Disqualified- 1 point
A score of one (1) is a disqualification. Grounds for disqualification: All judges will give one (1) point for any of the following: unapproved garnish, pooled sauce, less than 6 samples of meat, sculptured meat, marked turn-in container, or foreign object in the container. All judges not receiving a sample will give a one point (1) in all criteria.

If there is a tie, it will be broken as follows: The scores will be compared for the highest cumulative scores in taste, then tenderness, then meat appearance, then presentation. The low score will be dropped and the higher of the cumulative scores will break the tie. If still tied, the process will be repeated to determine the champion

The Armed Forces BBQ Competition is not sanctioned by any organization or association other than the VFW Silver State Post 3396 (which is a distinguished honor in itself). The purpose is to compete, HAVE FUN and cook the best ribs and TRI-TIP you can. The true reward is the right to proclaim the title of "The Armed Forces BBQ Champion”!

Cancellation: The Festival reserves the right to cancel any event if it is deemed necessary. In the event of any such cancellation, the Festival will refund the Cook and/or Team payment in full.

The following cleanliness and safety rules will apply: Shirt, shoes and pants are required at all times. No tobacco products shall be used while handling the meat. Cleanliness of the cook, assistant cooks, cooking equipment and assigned cooking space is provide Prior to inspection, meat must be maintained at 40° F or less. After cooking, all meat must be held at 140° F or above