VFW Posts are involved in a variety of Safety Programs, which cover virtually every possible activity. The VFW is actively conducting and participating in six major categories under which any drug or safety activity will fall. Virtually any drug or safety activity conducted by a Post can be reported within the six categories. Credit is given only once for each activity.

Samples of the activities are listed below:
Drug Awareness:    
  • D.A.R.E.   Contact your local State Police or County Sheriff and set up a seminar at your Post 
  • PTA Attend your local meeting and present your program
  • A/A Invite your local spokesperson to your post to speak
  • Scouting: We host Troop 3396, Pack 3396, and Crew 3396                                 
Highway Safety:
  • Click it or Ticket
  • State approved Driving Course
Pedestrian Safety:
  • Lite-a-Tike, Bicycle Safety, Lite-a-Bike, Halloween Safety Bags
Recreational Safety:
  • Hunter Safety, Water Safety, Outdoor Safety (camping, etc.)
  • Roller Safety (skateboards, roller blades)
  • Winter Sports (Snowmobiles, Snowboards, Ice Skating, etc.)
Home & Fire Safety:
  • Home protection (outdoor and indoor)
  • Fire protection (outdoor and indoor)
  • Life Saving Awards, Firefighter Awards, Police Awards, and the distribution of various safety related materials
  • Please go to our contact page and send us a nomination for our safety awards