War comes with many costs, some more obvious than others. The physical wounds and loss of life are tragic, but visible, and burdens that are readily shared. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of military veterans and family members for whom the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still being waged, at home. Their stories are seldom told and rarely understood. This is not only unfortunate, but a threat to our national security and the fabric of our society - but we’re changing that.

Written by former Green Beret, LTC Scott Mann and based on real events, Last Out is a story that has never been told in a voice that has never been heard. Performed by a professional cast of military veterans and military family members, this play is a white- knuckle ride that tells the real story of our soldiers and the families that fight alongside them. It's more than a's Combat Storytelling.

Throughout history, societies have used storytelling to help warriors integrate back into society, and Last Out follows in that tradition. The mission of this production is to validate the journey of our military veterans and their families while building genuine and well-informed understanding in the communities where they live.

This year, LTC Mann’s 501C3 non-profit, The Heroes Journey, has taken Last Out on a national tour, bringing our message to the folks who need to hear it most. With performances in 1cities so far, from Albuquerque to New York, Last Out has honored over 500 military heroes and Gold Star Families, performed over 175 PTS Interventions,

and impacted over 4,000 lives. Last Out has received rave reviews from active duty members, Vietnam Veterans, Gold Star Families, military families, and civilians with no military connections at all. The play has also gotten strong critical reviews from Washington DC Metro Theater Arts, Military Times, and Tom Brokaw.

And we're not done yet.
Last Out is coming to 12 more cities through 2020. Why?

Because after 18 years of conflict, and no relief in sight for our small, volunteer force, it's critical that our citizens and political leaders get beyond "thank you for your service." If America is going to continue to send her sons and daughters into the crucible of combat, American Citizens damn sure need to know what we are asking them to do. We believe that Last Out is a powerful and meaningful way to do just that. You can learn more and contact us at

 Honor, Truth & Brotherhood

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