VFW honors Nevada Guard Soldiers after helping rescue Virginia woman in car crash

Nevada Army National Guard - 5/16/2021

Capts. Tana Gurule and Tyler Wistisen along with 1st Lt. Michael Flury witnessed a vehicle crash into a cement wall in Fairfax County on Jan. 18, 2021.
Gurule, who happens to be a Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer, got out of her vehicle, pulled the shattered windshield off the woman’s car, and began to render first aid. She found a pulse and opened the woman’s airway, while Wistisen and Flury provided assistance and helped get medical personnel on scene quickly.
"She looked deceased, but gulped a huge gasp of air when her airway was opened,” Gurule said. "She was alive, thank God.”
The accident victim sustained two broken ankles and a broken femur, but shortly after being admitted was no longer in critical condition, according to hospital officials.
Gurule, Wistisen, and Flury were three out of 250 Nevada National Guard Soldiers and Airmen who were called up to support the Inauguration. According to the National Guard Bureau about 25,000 Guardsmen were called up to provide extra law enforcement and security after the Jan. 6 capital riots.
On May 14, the 221 Cavalry along with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) held a ceremony to honor the three Soldiers and their heroic actions. Land Component Commander Col. Troy Armstrong congratulated the troops and handed out the LCC’s coin of excellence.
"These warriors were capable, ready, and responded immediately to that event,” Armstrong said. "Because of their efforts they helped save the life of the driver of that vehicle. I want to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. I’ll say it again, leadership matters. This fine organization is full of great leaders and you all make a difference every day.”
Two representatives from the VFW, Don Pettyjohn (Post 12093) and Walt Dvback (Post 12119) presented the Life Saving Award’s to Gurule, Wistisen, and Flury as the entire Squadron looked on and congratulated the Soldiers for their courageous efforts. Since Gurule rendered life saving first aid to the victim she received the award with valor.
"The victim’s mother called each one of us about how she was doing after the accident,” Gurule said. "I’m glad we were there to help render aid and get the ambulance on scene quickly. It meant a lot to us knowing she was okay and recovered from the crash. I’m glad we’re there to help save her life!”
Awards were submitted by VFW Silver State Post 3396

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