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Alliant Power is the nation’s leading provider of premium powertrain repair components; we specialize in fuel, air, and aftertreatment parts and installation kits. Alliant Power has been fueling its customers success since 1961 and has continued to evolve over the years from a service center to a nationwide integrator for critical engine components. In 2002, our brand Alliant Power, was established as a result of a strategic partnership. From 2018 to 2022, Alliant Power extended its footprint nationwide, which expanded our distribution by having warehouses in all four time zones to meet our customers’ changing needs. Throughout the years, Alliant Power continues to strengthen its foundation, evolve with the industry, and be the solution for future repair shops.

As the industry evolves, we too will continue to grow and be ready to meet the service needs of our customers. Alliant Power is going to continue to focus on legacy and critical clean diesel components as well as the future of our employees, customers, and suppliers.