- 10/7/2018

As you know, 2018 marks the centennial of World War I. There is a lot our members can do to help educate the public, commemorate the war, and honor those who served. The World War One Centennial Commission has created a landing page on their website for veterans to simplifynavigation to key areas. You’ll find it at Here are a few suggestions:

-- THE WORLD WAR ONE PODCAST is an award winner! Subscribe and become the envy of your friends and colleagues with your knowledge about all matters related to the Great War! Subscribe to the Dispatch newsletter to keep up to date. Listen to the Centennial News Podcasts. Podcast #61 features VFW Post 968 in Raymond, WA, talking about their 100 Cities/100 Memorial project.

--Take advantage of the vast store of education materials, and use any meeting opportunity in your community to discuss the war and kindle interest in all matters relatedto the "War that Changed the World.”

--Purchase a commemorative US Mint WWI coin ($10 from the sale of each coin funds the memorial).

--The poppy as a symbol of remembrance was first proposed after the war by an
American woman, Moina Michael, who wrote "We shall keep the faith.”
--Use the WW1 poppy program to raise money for your organization and help us build the National Memorial! Flanders poppies are living symbols of the great sacrifice made by the doughboys, marines and sailors. They grow everywhere! Remember the Great War by planting poppies in your community. Go here and learn more:

--Make sure your ancestors or family members who served are listed on the World War I Roll of Honor and donate in their names toward building the WW1 National Memorialwith a "digital” remembrance wreath. The Roll of Honor features individual profiles formany of the more than 4 million American service members who responded to the call of"Over There” in support of the war-weary Allies and helped achieve victory. All donations go directly toward funding the memorial.

MEMORIAL HUNTERS -- WE NEED YOUR HELP. Dust off your Indiana Jones
outfit - grab your smartphone/camera and get ready to hunt for treasure!
--Beginning 100 years ago at the end of WWI, thousands of local memorials were erected
in honor of those who served. The memorials were put up by towns, cities, veterans’organizations, schools, churches, civic organizations and clubs. Today, there is no national register of these important and long forgotten American cultural and historical treasures. --Join the Memorial Hunters Club and help us hunt down and catalog this fading

national treasure.
--We have already had huge help from the state Centennial teams, especially those in Alabama, Georgia and New Jersey who have cataloged hundreds of WWI memorials for their states.
--When you find some of these gems in your state, go here to register:
--Get your anthropology on...It's time to go treasure hunting!


--Raise money for the memorial by supporting the WWI Poppy Program.

--Learn more about the memorial and see all the resources available at For any follow-up questions, please contact Lynn Rolf, Programs Director, at or (816) 968-


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